Our studio has been providing headshots to help brands grow for over 6 years. Don’t underestimate the power of professional imagery! Having up to date photos of your products or up to date headshots of yourself is a hand in smart business. If looking for product photography, a traditional headshot for your website, modeling or actor headshots, marketing material or business cards, professional headshots let your customers know that you are just that – professional! We aim to give you something better than just a profile photo.

First impressions have always mattered. First impressions are like the first handshake when you meet someone in person. It’s important to have a strong “presence” and “first impression” on your website or in print material with your professional, polished looking headshot.

We want to know the “why” of your brand and help you target your ideal client. It’s important that you hire an actual professional to take your professional headshot. In the era of cell phone selfies; everyone is a “photographer” these days. Don’t leave your first impression up to your cellphone selfie. Be sure to hire a professional photographer that understands proper posing, exposure, lighting, and understands what it takes to deliver a product that gives you for BEST first impression!

Check out our sister company Bloomington Normal Headshots too!

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Professional Drone Photo and Video Coming Soon!

I’m working on getting registered and licensed the proper and legal way first. Be sure to come and check back soon! With the ease of purchasing a drone, hobbyist drone operators are starting to join the professional video/photo world. The FAA has implemented some strong rules on professional drone operation and it’s best you hire a professional. A small business owner considering hiring a drone pilot can’t afford a headache, and risk, associated with a drone crash on their property. If you’re hiring someone to do commercial drone work for you, that person must be certified and registered with the FAA. This is a great place to check if that drone pilot is actually certified. Beware of the imposters. Ask to see their license, registration, and proof of insurance.