“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to whose who prepare of it today.” – Malcolm X

Education is important to me.  I believe that being a professional photographer is not the end all, say all.  The photography industry (particularly wedding photography) is always changing and advancing.  It’s important that I provide my clients with the absolute BEST images so they will make their memories last a lifetime.  This is why I take time throughout the year to further my education by learning from other leaders in the photography world.

So, March 11-12 I took the time to fly to Philadelphia area to learn from Mike from Morby Photography.  Mike is one of Philadelphia’s premier photographers and it was such an honor and blessing to learn from him.  From his photography lighting techniques to his business model, there was so much to learn and bring back to my clients.  I’m thankful for what I’ was able to learn and experience while there!  Check out one of the images I took on one of our engagement photo walks above.